The Breed

The Walking Horse Breed was founded in the Middle Basin of Tennessee where native blue grass abounds and the soil is rich in limestone and phosphate.

These conditions had much to do toward building a hardy, healthy horse with great stamina. Plantation Walking Horses are well known for their natural, comfortable gaits. They perform a flat walk, running walk and canter. The flat walk is the slowest of the three gaits of the Plantation Walking Horse. It is a bold, four-beat even gait easy on horse and rider. The horse will place the back hoof ahead of the print of the fore hoof on that same side (called an over-stride) and will nod it’s head in time with the gait.

The running walk is the breed’s signature gait and is faster then the flat walk. Smooth and easy, this gait also combines the nod of the head with each step. This ground covering, relaxed gait has made the Plantation Walking Horse unbeatable as a trail mount. The canter is a refined gallop with a lot of spring and rhythm and has a rolling motion that has been referred to as the rocking chair gait. Graceful and easy, this gait is handily executed with a minimum of training.

Plantation Walking horses are well known as class clowns of the horse world for their great personalities if they’re not in your face begging for attention, they’re probably making you laugh! Their kind natures make them suitable for riders of all ages and levels of experience. These fine animals with their gentle dispositions and naturally easy gaits are ideal for anyone who loves to ride for pure pleasure, whether it is in the show ring or on the trail.

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The Breed

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